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Build a real estate portfolio with ease, choose a property that is pre funded and managed for your convenience, earn profit from your investments directly and sell to third parties at your leisure.

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Control your investment through the voting system, have your say on important decisions, if a property hasn't reached its target fund all deposits are instantly refunded via smart contract, sell your share for a fixed price or auction it to the highest bidder. removing fund managers and hidden agendas putting your money in your control.



Cryptocurrency creates secure transparent transactions, the industry is growing and early investors have made huge profits.

By using real estate to back ELAD tokens you achieve the benefits of money streams from real estate while having the control and transparency from cryptocurrency.

We believe this will increase the of value ELAD tokens after the main sale and create a strong steady growth for the future, making ELAD Network a smarter way to invest.

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All of our properties are divided into blocks, you can sell your block at any time through our online auction platform, the system runs similar to ebay and is open for anyone to buy through the secondary market.

Block pricing is set by our cryptocurrency price at the start of the auction, Blocks may gain in price due to bidding, As a block price rises, all other blocks gain in value due to an immediate increase in the asset value.



Smart contracts on the Blockchain create trust-less transactions with an immutable data storage model allowing you to join others in fractional ownership without ever knowing them and have your ownership stored on a secure distributed database that cannot be tampered with (immutable).



All property details and statisticss will be available on our online platform, all Blockchain transactions are visible but do not expose individual investors, every investor can exit on will or vote on property decisions with extra no charge.

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Our AI Digital agents bring the convenience of the latest info on your investments whilst providing an exceptional customer service and experience, running 24hrs a day with no bias or time wastage. Capable of connecting to you through social media to provide ease of use for everyone involved in the deal, this not only saves time and money but increases the success rate on closing a deal by ensuring that no opportunities go unanswered.

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ELAD Network builds a marketplace for direct sales and exchange of real estate to cut out middlemen and save money for our members. This market will have access to crowdfunding, fix and flip and new builds creating a network of trust from great opportunities. This market creates control of your investments and allows owners to sell their property in a decentralised market.